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Leander is consistently recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and now that we’re in 2021, not much has changed. The 2018 census tallied 56,111 as the population, and today it’s more like 75,976 - that’s about 2,027 people per square mile! The city’s growth is attributed to the award-winning school district, lower cost of living and doing business, embracing mass transit, post-secondary campus opening, and job opportunities with the new 50-acre St. David’s Hospital. Not to mention, Leander is positioned with easy access to Hill Country amenities! When realtors are taught Location, Location, Location - Leander, Texas is the poster child fo...

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Living in Leander doesn’t mean you have to disconnect from Austin City Limits! The City of Leander rests in the peaceful outskirts of Austin, and is home to hill country views and small town charm. Ranked one of the fastest growing suburbs of Austin, it is still nestled off the beaten path for that quiet country feel.
If you’re like one of many who has made the move to Leander, or you're considering making the move, and you still want/need easy access into Austin, the Leander Metro Station just might be the answer you’re looking for! While traffic isn’t always miserable with the convenient toll road access running through Leander, it can certainly get expensive. And le...

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Repurposing old items can be so much fun and so rewarding!⁣

Here are some simple items you can repurpose around the house:⁣

• Crates → Hanging shelves⁣
• Mason jars → Candles, vases, spice storage or light fixtures⁣
• Ladders → Blanket/towel hangers or bookshelves⁣
• Bicycle → Porch decoration⁣
• Mugs & Bowls → Flowerpots⁣
• Piano → Bar or shelf⁣
• Rake → Hang it upside down for a wine glass holder⁣

Comment any other fun ideas below!




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Real Estate-ing (verb):⁣

• the act of being in real estate⁣
see also: counseling, overdosing on caffeine, negotiating, driving all over town, matchmaking⁣

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No matter if you want to chat about real estate, about life, about self-quarantining - know that I am here.⁣

Buying, selling or renting a home can be stressful.⁣

Buying, selling or renting during a pandemic?! Crazy stressful!⁣

But the fact is, people still need housing. ⁣

Leases are ending, homes are under contract, offers are being made, and houses are still being sold.⁣

If you need to find a new place, I am here for you! I'm still working every day, so feel free to send me a message with what's going on.