6 Tips On Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Do you know how to identify changes that need to be made in your home in order to sell it faster and for full price?

In this post, I am going to review 6 tips that will get your house ready to sell fast and likely for the full price.

The 6 tips are:
Review similar homes online
Use a professional stager
Fix and service the little things
Flooring is important
Take care of the outside

Here we go...


Review Similar Homes Online

One of the first things that I recommend is to go to my website at and look at homes that have sold in your neighborhood or the Multiple Listing Service area that have sold for top dollar.

Next, step back and look at your own house through the eyes of a buyer to get their first impression.

Then, look for areas in your own home and make a list of items that can be taken care of at minimal cost to raise the ultimate sales price of your home.


Use a Professional Stager

I highly recommend using the services of a professional stager. I use stagers with almost all of my clients who are selling their homes.

A professional stager will give recommendations of what items you can remove or show you what furniture to move around so your space is functional and looks better to the buyer’s eye.

They will also try to utilize your own furnishings to keep the cost down. I’ve had clients go in the front foyer of a home and then turn around immediately to leave because of what they first saw.

They quickly toured the home and had an immediate “no” while exiting.

Years ago, I used a professional stager when we were going to sell our house. Although we ended up deciding not to sell at that specific time, we made the changes the stager recommended and loved the way it looked!

When you follow the guidance of a professional stager, your house will be presented to give a great first impression for a potential buyer.

Data shows that whenever you use a professional stager your house will sell quicker and it also shows that the dollar amount is likely to be higher.



I recommend that sellers declutter first. Decluttering helps you to sort through your stuff to either pack, sell, or give away.

Trust that sorting now saves time later. You’ll be glad you did it first when your house sells and you have the rest of it to pack to move.


Fix and Service the Little Things

There are a few things that I recommend to sellers to fix or service before listing their house. Living in the south, I recommend sellers get the air conditioning unit serviced, and all filters changed.

At minimum, most buyers want to know when the last time the unit was serviced. I’ve had buyers look at the AC return air vents and comment that it looked like the seller maintained the AC, or comment otherwise that it looked like the seller didn’t take care of the unit.

Outdated light fixtures can be a big no-no. change them if your budget allows. Also, you’ll want to make sure that all of the light fixtures have new bulbs in them.

I recommend having a roofer evaluate your roof before listing your house on the market. Roofing issues almost always come up in a home inspection. Whether you take care of the issues before listing or not, you’ll at least have your own information for negotiation with the buyer during the option period.

If you have windows with cracks in them, it's a good idea to get those windows repaired or replaced. I always ask my sellers to have the windows washed professionally, inside and out, and have the window screens cleaned too. It makes a huge difference for both listing photographs and to prospective buyers when they can see clearly out of the windows.

Most buyers prefer neutral paint colors in a house. They don’t want to have to paint rooms that are not neutral paint. It's not very costly to do the painting yourself, it just costs some time, but it does make a big difference to prospective buyers. It provides a clean slate for them to work with!

Carpets are another area of importance to buyers. It’s not very costly to have your carpets cleaned professionally or to rent a carpet cleaner. If your carpets look aged, replace them.

If you have odd things that you need done around the house that you don't want to do or don't know how to take care of then hire a handyman to take care of it.


Flooring is Important

In showing houses, I’ve found that buyers like consistency in flooring and also do not like outdated flooring.

Too many different floorings in a house can cause a prospective buyer to walk in and walk out. I once stood in one spot inside a resale house and counted six different flooring types.

Needless to say, the buyers walked out.

You might be surprised at how inexpensive it is to put in new carpet, sheet vinyl or vinyl plank.


Take Care of the Outside

Curb appeal is very important! When looking at Multiple Listing Service photos, prospective buyers have to like the exterior look of the house before perusing the other pictures.

Buyers like the exterior of a home they are considering to buy to look not only pretty but well kept too. I’ve noted a few curb appeal ideas below.

Paint the front door with a pop of color, or re-stain the front door, and pace an inviting welcome mat at the front door.

It’s always a good idea to power wash your entry, sidewalk and driveway.

In my experience, buyers prefer a clean entry, sidewalk and driveway. If the siding, brick or stone on your house is dirty or has mold on it, power wash those areas too.

In springtime, add fresh flowers, plants, and mulch to your flower beds. Once, I saw a resale house where the seller put artificial flowers in the flower bed and around the front yard trees.

By following the 6 tips above, your house will stand out when compared to other resale houses on the market. It is more likely to sell faster and for the full price.