Get a Home Inspection on a New Construction Home

Imagine moving into a new home you just built and your kids or pets or someone runs right into the wall. Not very hard, but then you can notice that the wall is pressed in. This does happen more often than you would think.

Most homeowners don’t think about getting an inspection for a new construction home.

That’s why when I get asked the question, should I get an inspection done on a new construction home? My answer is 100% absolutely yes. And in this post I am going to share the reasons why.

Here are the 3 reasons why...

  • Municipalities check for the minimum building code.
  • Third Party Inspection helps to find defects and issues with stages of construction.
  • Helps you down the road with resale of your home.

Municipalities Check for the Minimum Building Codes

First, one of the reasons that I recommend getting an inspection on a new construction home is because each municipality has their own inspectors that perform inspections from the city’s building codes.

These city codes are often the minimum standards. While the city inspector might be doing their best, they also might miss some of the finer details that a third party home inspector would catch when they inspect a new construction home.


Third Party Inspections Helps to Find Deficiencies

The third party inspector’s job is to not only make sure the building code items are completed appropriately, but also to look for other deficiencies in the home.

Depending on what stage of new construction you hire your inspector, they may look closely at the pre-pour items such as site prep, forms, steel reinforcement, plumbing rough in. Or, at the pre-sheetrock phase, they’ll look at the framing structure, the sheathing, the flashing around the windows, electrical rough-in, and roof.

They are trained experts and can spot if insulation wasn't put in appropriately or thick enough. Or, if the shingles are raised and that could lead to water leaks.

So, it's very important to have a third party be objective to find those things so the builder can fix them before you move into your home.


It Helps You with Resale of Your Home

Getting a home inspection is an important thing for a new construction home especially as it relates to resale. It shows a potential buyer that you know how your home was built, and also shows the buyer that you had deficiencies taken care of.

It shows a pride of home ownership and care from the ground up. And when ready your real estate agent will absolutely love you. If you need one, don’t forget I am here to help.